Hi! I, Biswajit Paul, am a Govt Employee of West Bengal Govt. Presently I am working in a High School as a Clerk. Therefore, I know the demand of West Bengal Govt Jobs as well as the Govt Jobs in India or Central Govt Jobs, Bihar Govt Jobs, and other state Govt Jobs of India. My site name is -ssctransfer.com and Email In- bsptecmix@gmail.com.

About Us 1

This is my Photo. My intention for inserting my image in this page is to give you my proper identity which includes image also. Thanking you and have a good future.

Why I created this site-

When I was unemployed I usually looked for West Bengal Govt jobs and Central Govt Jobs. But at the then time there was not so much option for finding jobs in the Internet as the availability of internet in India was not so easy.

We have to wait for the Newspaper to know the Job notification. Sometimes we missed it and did not apply to some of the jobs that were eligible for us.

Thinking the inconvenience faced by me, I launched this site to help those job seekers. Here, in this site you will find almost all kind of jobs as soon as I come to know about any kind of notification whether it is Govt Jobs or Company Jobs.

Why Govt Jobs are popular in India?

In our country i.e in India Govt Jobs are very popular because of its security, salary and the family security. A Govt employee has no tension for his/her family because any kind of accidental case the family remains safe. Govt will give his/her family compensation sometimes by giving onetime cash or an employment of a person of his/her family.

Likewise, West Bengal Govt Jobs has almost all the facility as the Central Govt Jobs. I also provide some MCQ question you can solve here on this site. It will help increase your General Knowledge that is very necessary for getting West Bengal Govt Jobs, Indian Banking Job, Indian Railway Job, SSC CGL Exam and so on.

Is there any other motive creating this site?

Yes, by creating I will have some financial assistance by displaying some ads in this website. And as I think it is not wrong as to maintain this site money is required. Therefore, I have the intention for earning money through this site.


All the information provided on this website is for general purpose. To get proper and relevant information for getting West Bengal Govt Job I suggest you go to the official website. This site is not a recruiting agency. It is a blog and gives all the Jobseekers information as accurate as possible. If anything found wrong this site does not take any responsibility.