General Knowledge Question for Jobs

General Knowledge Question for Jobs:General knowledge which we shortly called GK plays a major role for getting Govt Jobs. It has a great importance for qualifying any kind of competitive examination. If you are a jobseeker, you might know the value of practicing GK. If you don’t practice GK regularly, you will lose your capability of proving yourself to be a competitor.

general knowledge question for jobs

Therefore, to improve your General Knowledge for getting a Govt Job you need to read a lot of books. To compete with your competitors you need to read History, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, Mathematic, Political Science and many others subjects from the root.

Some Basic General Knowledge Question for Govt Jobs:

Here are some examples which may help you in this regard. As an India you must know your country. Here are some interesting fact of India that may assist you to prepare yourself for getting India Govt Jobs.

Some Facts about India:

Here are some facts which will help you for answering the questions, basically MCQ Question, for getting Indian Govt Jobs, West Bengal Govt jobs, Indian Banking Jobs and many other State Govt Jobs. Not only that you will also come to know some basic facts of India.

Let’s begin for General Knowledge Question for Jobs.

India is a country surrounded by sea, rock and other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The great mountain range the Himalaya is in the northern part of India. Its peak Kanchenjunga (K2) is the 2nd highest mountain peak in the World. This mountain range stand like the wall of India, which protect the Indian climate from the other Asian countries.

The highest mountain peak in the World the Mount Everest is also in the Himalayan mountain range. Therefore, throughout the year many visitors from all over the world come to visit the Himalaya. In this respect the Himalaya has a great importance in Indian economy.

The source of some important rivers like the Ganga, the Jamuna, the Godhabory is the Himalaya.

The most important fact of India is that the country has two names- “India” and “Bharat”. There is so much integrity in diversity that no countries in the world seem to be within it. In this point of view India has a great position in the World.

Area of India and Population:

India is the 7th largest country in the world. It is just behind Australia which is the 6th largest country in the World. India covers 3,287,263 sq kilometre with the population of 133.92 crores which is next to China. It measures 3214 KM from South to North and 2933 from East to West. The coastal area of India is 7616.6 KM.

Some Important Rivers of India:

India has some important rivers which flows across the country making its soil fertile for cultivation.

The Ganga, The Jamuna, The Godhabory are one of them. The length of the river Ganga is 2525 KM. It rises from the Himalaya and flows across the country and some parts of Bangladesh which was once the part of India.

The Ganga is the holy river of India. People all over India come to the river Ganga to bathe here to get rid of evils.

The water of the Ganga is auspicious to the Hindu. Without the water of the river Ganga no worshipping will be made.

Besides that, the Ganga plays a great role in the field of cultivation, especially in the state of West Bengal.

General Knowledge in History:

The questions from History that are seen in many competitive exam are something like the mentioned below.

  1. The year in which the war of “1st Panipath” occurred- 1526 AD.
  2. In which year the “Khanawar War” occurred- 1526 AD.
  3. Name of the Emperor who founded the “Taj Mahal” in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Begum- Shah Jahan, the Mughal Samrat.
  4. How many times Nadir Shah invaded India-
  5. Who wrote “India To-Day” ? – Rajanipam Dutta.
  6. “The Indian Struggle 1920-42” was written by- Subhash Chandra Bose.
  7. “Adhunik Bharat (2nd Part)” was written by – Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay.
  8. “Forward Block” was set up by- Subhash Chandra Bose in the year 1939.
  9. Alipore conspiracy was occurred in the year- 1908.
  10. The University of Calcutta was founded in the year- 1857 (24th of January).

General Knowledge in Physical Science:

In almost all the competitive examination there are some Physical Science MCQ Question. You must make yourself prepare about it. Some example of such short questions are as follows-

  1. The Unit of force in CGS method- Dyne
  2. Who is called the father of “Indian Nuclear Science” ? – Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha.
  3. Father’ name of Albert Einstein-  Hermann Einstein.
  4. When light is refracted from air into glass- Its wavelength decreases but frequency remains unchanged.
  5. The dimensional formula for stress is same as that for- Pressure.
  6. Name of the first human-made plastic- Celluloid.
  7. Which is called “Laughing Gas”?- Nitrous Oxide (N₂O)
  8. Chemical formula of Water – H₂O.
  9. Who was the inventor of Mobile Phone?- Martin Cooper.
  10. Name the Scientist who discovered Computer Printer- Chester Carlson.

General Knowledge in Geography-

All the examination for recruiting employee includes General Knowledge. There is no examination that exclude GK. In the GK section, World Geography and Indian Geography are also included. Here are some examples of such question. You can get some ideas from these questions.

  1. Capital of West Bengal- Kolkata (Formerly known as Calcutta).
  2. Longest River in India- The Ganga.
  3. City of Joy (India)- Kolkata.
  4. Area that covers the Indian Parliament- 6 Acres.
  5. Longest Road in India- NH44 (About 3745 KM).
  6. The longest river in the world (By length)- Amazon ( Approx-6853 KM).
  7. The longest mountain chain in the world- Andes (About-7000KM)
  8. Who discovered America? – Christopher Columbus, the great Italian explorer.
  9. The largest lake in the world- Caspian Sea (About 371800 Sq KM).
  10. Where is Krubera Cave, the deepest cave in the world situated?- In Georgia.

General knowledge in Life Science-

The Life Science is a very interesting subject. Many questions in the Govt jobs examination in India come from this subject. If you are trying to get any Govt Jobs in India, you must read the Life Science Book. Here are some sample question that may help you in this matter-

  1. The longest grass- The Bamboo.
  2. The longest cactus- Cardon( It can live upto 300 years).
  3. How much time a Mega Fly live?- 24 Hours only.
  4. The fastest runner among the animal- Chita (About- 114 Km/H)
  5. Name of the fish which sleeps opening a eye- Dolphin.
  6. Which fish does not have head? Tara fish.
  7. How many bones a child has? 300.
  8. What is the full form of DNA?- Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
  9. Biggest breast feeding animal that lives in water- Nil Timi.
  10. The weight of the head of human- 1400 Gram.

Some Political facts of India:

India is a versatile country. The people of India live together peacefully. If you are an Indian, you might aware of it. India is a democratic country. Here people lives freely without any hesitation.

If you are preparing for getting Indian Govt jobs, you must be aware of some political facts because the recruitment examinations have such type of General Knowledge Question to test you.

Besides that, as a citizen everyone should have some knowledge in it. This proves that we are India.

Here are such General Knowledge Question for Jobs-

  1. Who was the first Prime Minister of India? Jawaharlal Nehru.
  2. Who was the first President of India? Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
  3. What is the age to be a member of Indian Parliament? 25 Years.
  4. How many states are there in India? 29 States.
  5. The oldest language in India- Sanskrit.
  6. Who was the first India Governor General  in Independent India? C. Rajagopalachari.
  7. Who was the 13th President of India? Shri Pranab Mukherjee.
  8. Who wrote the Indian National Anthem? Rabindranath Tagore.
  9. Name of the first lady Prime Minister of India- Indira Gandhi.
  10. Who wrote the India Constitution? B.R Ambedkar.

These are the simplest and easiest General Knowledge Question for Jobs examination. But sometimes we forget the answer of such easy answer. Therefore, the candidates must read the books from the root.

Some recommended books:

Here you will find some books for General Knowledge for Jobs Examination. These books are very helpful. You may have question in your mind that why do you listen to me? There no reason behind it. But I read these books and learnt a lot for getting my job.

  1. Lucent’s General Knowledge.
  2. General Knowledge 2019 by Manohar Pandey.
  3. Manorama Year Book.
  4. TATA Mcgraw Hill General Knowledge.
  5. General Knowledge Today.

These are the books I read for getting my jobs. But one thing that I feel that you should read one of the mentioned books very carefully. Don’t grab all the books and read haphazardly. It will distract your attention.

Current Affairs for Getting Indian Jobs:

Current Affairs is also one of the most important factor for qualifying any kind of competitive examination. You will have to stay relevant to it. It is also a kind of General Knowledge. To stay relevant, you will have to read the first class international newspapers. Sometimes the News channels also help you in this regard.

But if you regularly watch TV, it may affect your concentration in studying. So, it is better t read the Newspaper than to watch TV.

If you want to practice General Knowledge for getting Govt Job, you can practice by installing an android apps. But it is found that these apps does not give the right answer all the time. Therefore, reading an authentic book is much more better than any other options.

Here you will find Govt Jobs Notification like West Bengal Govt jobs, Central Govt Jobs, State Govt Jobs and many more. So, keep visiting this website to keep yourself updated.

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