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Indian Banking Jobs: Indian Banking Jobs are the most prestigious Jobs in India. The Banking Sector recruits many personalities in various posts all over India. This is one of the biggest recruitment authorities in India also. In the year 2019 the Indian Banking Sector will also recruit for Indian Banking Jobs.

Throughout the year, all the Indian Banks recruit hundreds of thousands of employees in the country. Many Govt Banks, Govt under Taking Banks and Public Sector Banks recruitment examination takes place throughout the country for the recruitment process. Here in this page you will find such kind of examination, employment notification and when and where the examination will take place. All the Official Link for downloading Admit Card, Notification etc will be available here.

You will also find all the Upcoming Banking Examination if you keep your eyes in this page as well as in this website.


All the latest Indian Banking Jobs notifications will be available here in this website along with other Jobs. Just keep yourself active in this site.


Here is a list of Indian Banks that recruits too many employees all over India throughout the year. If you are interested for Indian Banking Jobs which is considered to be the most glamorous and prestigious jobs in India, just open this page in regular basis and get notified.

List of some of the Banks of India:

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • State Bank of India (SBI).
  • United Commercial Bank of India (UCO).
  • United Bank of India (UBI).
  • Union Bank of India.
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB).
  • Canara Bank.
  • Allahabad Bank.
  • Corporation Bank.
  • HDFC Bank.
  • AXIS Bank.
  • LDB Bank.
  • ICICI Bank.

These are some major banks that require too many personalities like Manager, Probationary Officer, Clerk, Gr-D and so on. You must know the name of such bank. But there are also some Regional Banks that also recruit a lot of employee for fulfilling their vacancy. To know the application procedures, examination procedures, eligibility and criteria what you have to do is to access this website i.e everyday. But before applying or believing I request you to go to the official website to confirm. If anything find wrong this site is not responsible. I will try to give update as accurate as possible.


Basically, almost all the Indian Banks recruit their employee through the examination called IBPS (Institute of Banking Personal Selection). When a candidate passes the examination he/she is eligible for getting Indian Banking Jobs. The Examination is very tough. If you want to be the part of banking employee, you have to qualify the examination conducted by the IBPS. So, prepare yourself for getting Indian Banking Jobs.

About IBPS (Indian Banking Personnel Selection):

Indian Banking Personnel Selection which is called IBPS is an autonomous body. It takes examination for Indian Banking Jobs.

Almost all the Public Sector Banks, State Bank of India and its associates Banks, NABARD, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) SIDBI and some other Co-Operative Banks are the regular members of IBPS.

There are some other Banks that are also the members of IBPS which takes examination for Indian Banking Jobs.


Salary of Indian Banking Jobs is decent. It varies according to the post or designation. From time to time the salary of Indian banking Jobs increase also as per rules. If you are interested in the salary, you will come to know when the notifications publish.

Besides the salary, the Indian Banking Jobs also give some other facilities. The facilities include Tour, Incentives, Medical facility and many others. It also includes family security that is one of the most essential for an individual.


Eligibility and criteria for getting Indian Banking Jobs varies from post or position to position. You may call the position as designation. For a Probationary Officer and Clerk the candidates must be a graduate in any disciples from a recognised University with a decent percentage of marks. The marks may be 60% to 70%. The candidates must be a citizen of India with good background. Any court case may be the hindrance for getting Indian Banking Jobs.

So, be careful about it. To get any kind of Govt Jobs whether it is West Bengal Govt Jobs, Central Govt Jobs or any kind of State Govt Jobs, your background must be neat and clean.

There is some reservation for SC/ST/OBC-A & OBC-B available also. The candidates with such category will have some extra benefit for getting Indian Banking Jobs. The candidates from Ex Military can also get the benefit for getting Indian Banking Jobs as per Govt. Rules. The Physically Challenged candidates are also avail the benefit provided to them.

All the reservation posts are maintained by the Govt and its Rules. If you are in such category, you must take the advantage of it. In this case the opportunity of getting Indian Banking Jobs becomes easier than UR Category.


As I already mentioned that Indian Banking Jobs are one of the most prestigious jobs in India and even in the world. A Bank employee is very sincere and dedicated to his/her works. It needs huge concentration as the Banks deal with money. Keeping in mind the activity a Bank worker needs to do, the Banking Examination includes mental ability test.

Therefore, the examination is very tough. It includes various patterns and syllabus. The syllabus is huge. So, before going to grab Indian Banking Jobs you must practice the syllabus very well. You may follow my recommendation-

  1. Learn all the basic formula and shortcuts.
  2. Study synonyms and antonyms regularly.
  3. Write at least one hour to increase your attention.
  4. Practice mathematical question and create shortcuts yourself.
  5. Practice mental ability test regularly.
  6. Read every kind of Newspaper in English.
  7. Read all the books you read in your class (From Basic to Advance).
  8. Maintain time while you are practicing by keeping a clock beside you.
  9. Test yourself once in a week by taking previous year questions.
  10. Join a coaching centre. It will help you getting Indian Banking Jobs.


The IBPS takes the examination for Indian Banking Jobs. The examination includes Preliminary, Mains and Personality Test or Interview.

The Preliminary Test Question Patterns-

  1. English: Total Marks-30, No of Question-30, Time-20 Minutes.
  2. Numerical Ability Test- Total Marks-35, No of Question-35, Time-20 Minutes.
  3. Reasoning Test- Total Marks- 35, No of Question- 35, Time-20 Minutes.

The Mains Examination Question Patterns-

  1. English: Total Marks-40, No of Question-35, Time-40 Minutes.
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation Test- Total Marks-60, No of Question-35, Time-45 Minutes.
  3. Reasoning and Computer Aptitude Test- Total Marks- 60, No of Question- 45, Time-60 Minutes.
  4. Letter Writing (English) – Total Marks- 25, No of Question-02, Time- 30 Minutes.
  5. General, Economy/Banking- Total Marks- 40, No of Question 40, Time-35 Minutes.

Keep in mind that the Main Examination will be either in English Language or in Hindi Language. So, practice English properly if you want to get Indian Banking Jobs. The easy way to practice English is to read English Newspaper daily. It will increase your vocabulary also.


Basically people of India always go for Govt Jobs instead of private or company jobs. This is due to security reason. It is true that the private jobs do not give such security as Govt Jobs. But the Salary the Company or Private Bank gives is really lucrative.

There are many private banks in India as well as in the world. These banks also take many employees per year. There is a misconception that the Private Bank recruit worker privately. Some Private Banks are also the member of IBPS. These banks recruit their employee through IBPS Exam and give lump sum amount of salary per annum.

So, if you don’t get Indian Banking Jobs (Govt or Under Taking Govt) ,  you can go for private bank jobs. Here are also many facilities available exactly like the Indian Banking Jobs (Govt & under Taking Govt).


English plays a major role for getting any kind of Govt Jobs. In the case of Indian Banking Jobs it is not exceptional one. So, to get a job you have to improve your English extremely well. Remember one thing that for getting a job in India very tough and competition is too much.

indian banking jobs

Therefore, to improve your English you need to do the following that may help you for getting Indian Banking Jobs:

  1. Read grammar from basic to advance.
  2. Write at least 100 words daily.
  3. Read story books that attract you or interest you.
  4. Teach someone English. It will help you improve your English Grammar.
  5. Try to think in English and speak before a mirror regularly.

Important! There may be some information that may be wrong and it is unintentionally. If something was found wrong this site or the owner of this site is not responsible for it. This website is for general information only.


The firs Banking System came to existence in India in 1770. The name of the Bank was the Bank of Hindustan. The other one was the General Bank of India which was established in the year 1786. But unfortunately this bank failed in the year 1791.

The largest Bank of India is the State Bank of India. It was established as the Bank of Calcutta and gradually started growing its business throughout the country. In the year 1806 the Bank of Calcutta was established by the Presidency Government and it was renamed as The Bank of Bengal in the year 1809. This bank is still working in India in larger Banking Sector in India.

The Presidency Government also founded two other Banks- the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras. The Bank of Bombay was established in 1840 and the Bank of Madras was set up in 1843.

These three Banks were merged as The Imperial Bank of India in 1921. The Imperial Bank of India became the State Bank of India after the Independence of India in the year 1955. In the year 1935, the Reserve Bank of India was founded and it is acting as the controller of all the Banks of India.


Smartphone are playing a great role in the Indian Banking Sector. Almost all the people in India as well as in the World are using Smartphone. The persons who are using Smartphone can access Internet from it. All the Banks have developed their application for Internet banking. Therefore, it became very easy for the customers to pay for everything.

To buy something this types of banking application are very handy.  Moreover the bank gives some discount for buying something using its application. You may ask why I am telling you to get Indian Banking Jobs. This is because if you want to get Indian Banking Jobs you have to have knowledge in net banking and mobile banking.

In the interview table you may have to face some questions regarding this. So, prepare yourself for it. Always keep in mind that for getting any kind of jobs whether it is Indian Banking Jobs or others you have to be updated.


It sometimes becomes very difficult for ordinary students to get a job with one chance. But continuous practice can make you a perfect candidate for getting any kind of jobs in India. And for Indian Banking Jobs, you have to keep going if you become unsuccessful at the first time. Be patience and keep calm.

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