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Madhyamik Result: West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) takes Madhyamik Examination (Class 10th) every year. The Madhyamik Examination is conducted by the WBBSE Every year in the different Madhyamik or H.S School in the State of West Bengal. These Schools are called the centre of Madhyamik Examination.

Madhyamik Result
Date of Publication
madhyamik result 2019

After taking the examination, the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Publishes the Madhyamik Result approximately within 30 or 45 days from the last date of Madhyamik Examination. The President of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education announces the Result of Madhyamik Exam.

As soon as the President of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education publishes the Result of Madhyamik Examination, all the School throughout the State also announces the MP Result.

Here comes a question in your mind about the distribution of the Result of Madhyamik Examination throughout the Schools all over West Bengal.

The answer is simple. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education set up camps office in different parts of the State. From there the Board distributes the MP Result to the School within the time. That means as soon as the President of the West bengal Board of Secondary Education declares the result.

West Bengal Madhyamik Result Publication Date:

The Madhyamik Result Publication date is declared by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The President declares the date. As soon as all the answer script of Madhyamik Examination becomes ready, the Date the MP Result is declared by the President of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

The Website- is noticing the official website of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education every now and then. Therefore, the Madhyamik Result publication date will be given immediately after the announcement.

If you are a Madhyamik Examinee and looking for the Madhyamik Result of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, you must visit this website regularly. Here you will find the date of MP Result of West Bengal.

The date of Madhyamik Result is not yet been declared for the year 2019. But it will be declared very soon. So, keep in touch with this website to get yourself notified for the Madhyamik Result 2019.

Probable Month of MP Result Publication:

It is expected that the Madhyamik Result will be published in the month of June in this year. Though, there is no notification has yet been released from the West bengal Board of Secondary Education’s end.

But gaining the previous experience, it may be expected that the Madhyamik Result for this year will be published in the month of June, though, not sure.

But as soon as any notification regarding the Madhyamik Result will be published, the visitors of this website will get the news of publishing the result of the West Bengal Madhyamik Examination.

How do you get Madhyamik Result (Marksheet & Certificate):

As soon as the Madhyamik Result will publish, you will get the Marksheet and Certificate ( Certificate will be given for those students who will pass the Madhyamik Examination) from your School.

What you need to do is to go to your School for collecting your Madhyamik Result. Don’t forget to bring the Admit Card of Madhyamik Examination. It is the identity that will prove that you are the candidates who appeared in the Madhyamik Examination for the School.

Why Madhyamik Result is important for the Students:

Madhyamik or MP result is very important for all the student of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It is the first Board Examination that a student has to appear for getting a Govt jobs.

There are many jobs for Madhyamik Pass or 10th Pass candidates which I describe in one of my post named “West Bengal Govt Jobs for 10th Pass Candidates”. If you like to read the article, you may read it so that you can aware of such jobs under the Govt of West Bengal.

Not only that a Madhyamik Pass candidates can also apply for all India basis jobs which may be Central Govt Jobs, Railway Jobs, Indian Banking Jobs, State Govt Jobs or so on.

So, the MP Result has great value for a student who wants to be a Govt Employee.

Besides that, to get admission in a good School in the H.S, the Secondary Result has also much value.

There is a huge competition for getting admission in a famous School. If your Secondary Result is not good, you will have to face a lot of trouble in Higher Education.

Why Madhyamik Result is important for Higher Education:

MP Result is very important for Higher Education because to get admission for any course the institution in which you want to get admitted will may have the chance to make a merit list based upon the Madhyamik Result and HS result.

Therefore you may realize the importance of Madhyamik Result which you may call the first stairs of your future Education.

But there are many institutions that can take their own admission test for admission. In that case, the Madhyamik Result may not have value. But you can’t get good percentage in the Madhyamik Examination, you will consider to be an ordinary student. So, for your good future the Result of Madhyamik Examination plays a major role.

Is West Bengal Madhyamik Result is equivalent to other Board Result:

Of course, the Madhyamik Result of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is equivalent to other recognised Board in India.

It is as valuable as other board like CBSE, ICSE, Bihar Secondary Board, UP and other State Secondary Education Board. In Every State in India, their is their own Secondary Education Board which is similar in West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Therefore, the value of the West Bengal MP Result is as valuable as the other Secondary Board of India.

PPR & PPS For Madhyamik Result:

PPR which means Post Publication Review and PPS Which Means Post Publication Scrutiny are done if a student does not satisfy with his/her Madhyamik Result.He/She may request the West bengal Board of Secondary Education to review or scrutinize his/her answer scripts again.

If a student want to do PPR or PPS, he/she will have to go to School and will have to fill up a form issued to the School by the Board at the time of Madhyamik Result.

Keep in mind that there is a time limit for PPR & PPS. If you want to do so, you must contact your school as soon as you received the Result of the Madhyamik Examination.

When you contact the School, the school authority will give you proper description along with the fees for the whole process.

The fee for PPR & PPS depend upon the number of subject you want to do.So, before going to do PPR & PPS, gather proper information.

What is considered to be the good Result in Madhyamik?

This is a very irrelevant question as I think. Many of us may think that 90% of Marks in the Madhyamik Result is good marks. There are no such rules that only 90% or its above marks are good marks in the Madhyamik Examination.

But don’t think that below 90% of marks in Madhyamik Examination is bad. It is also good. But try to achieve marks as much as possible by giving your best in the Madhyamik Examination.

Now the percentage of marks in the Madhyamik Result has been abolished. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is evaluating the students by providing Grade. It is very good method as I think.

Previously the students become demotivated if he/she fell to get a good mark. Thinking the conditions of the student the Govt changes the evaluating system.

What if a students fails to get a good mark in the Madhyamik Result:

If a student fails to get a good mark in the MP Result, it is very bad luck for him/her. As I already told that it is the first stairs of your educational life so think of that and keep reading regularly.

If you work hard, I assure you that your MP Result will be very good.

But don’t waste your time by playing games or watching TV which is the main problem of today’s students.

How much time will  you have to give for doing good result in Madhyamik?

For getting good marks in MP Result, a student will have to spend at least 4 to 5 hour either by reading books or by writing the answer in an exercise book.

Writing an answer in an exercise book is a very good practice for making a good result in the Madhyamik Examination. If you read a lot and don’t write it, you may have the chance to forget everything in the examination hall. So, to make your MP Result Good you must write the answer which you memorize.

MP Result & West Bengal Govt Jobs:

There are a lot of West Bengal Govt jobs for 10th Pass candidates in West Bengal. Here 10th Pass Means Madhyamik Pass. A candidates having good Madhyamik Result can get a West Bengal Govt Jobs.

Which Kind of jobs are available for Madhyamik Pass Candidates:

After making a brilliant Result in the Madhyamik Examination ( Class 10th Examination), a candidate may have a huge chance of getting the jobs for which I have already published a blog post.

If you want to read the post you may go the the West Bengal Govt Jobs for 10th Pass (Madhyamik Pass)Candidates.

Are you still thinking about making good MP Result? If so, try making it good. There is no other option getting a Madhyamik Pass Jobs if your MP Result is not good at all. So, try and work hard for doing your Secondary Result which we called 10th Pass a good one.

The official website for West Bengal Board of Secondary Education which declare the MP Result is-

If you have any question regarding the publication of Madhyamik Result, please comment below. I will try to answer the question as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for reading the article based on MP Result.

madhyamik result 2019


Any result depends on the preparation you have done so far. The MP or Madhyamik Result is not an exceptional one. Therefore, to make a good score in any examination, you have to work hard as I think.

Am I right in saying this? If yes comment below. I request you to comment so that I can gain some knowledge from you. Keep visiting this website for any kind of Govt Jobs like West Bengal Govt Jobs, Central Govt Jobs, Indian Banking Jobs, Indian Railway Jobs and so on.

N: B Here in this website you will also find many notification for downloading admit cards and also General Knowledge question which is very necessary for getting a Govt Jobs.

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