Are you a Primary Teacher in West Bengal or going to be and looking for the Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal? If you are searching for it, you are at the right place. Here you will find the Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal.

Now Look The Present Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal:

The Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal Consists of Basic Pay + D.A + H.R.A + M.A. If you want to know the calculation, you must read the entire post first. If you just want to know the exact primary teacher salary in west Bengal for those teacher who have newly joined, there is the exact figure.

Basic= Rs. 8840.00 (Pay in the Pay Band + Grade Pay)

D.A= Rs. 8840.00 (Dearness Allowance)

H.R.A= Rs.1326.00 (House Rent Allowance)

M.A= Rs. 300.00 (Medical Allowance)

Total Gross= Rs. 19306.00 ( Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred Six Rupees Only)

Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal

Present DA for Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal:

The Present D.A for West Bengal Govt Employee is 100% of the Basic Pay. The Primary Teacher, which is also West Bengal Govt Jobs, draws the same D.A. There is no exceptional one. If you want to calculate your D.A, you must see your Basic Pay. Your D.A is equal to the Basic Pay you draw (At present time). The D.A may increase and decrease as per Govt order.

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H.R.A for Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal:

H.R.A (House Rent Allowance) for the employee of West Bengal Govt is 15% of the Basic Pay. The Primary Teacher’s H.R.A is also exactly like the West Bengal Govt employee as it is also the West Bengal Govt Jobs.

If you want to calculate your House Rent Allowance, you must multiply it by 15/100. That means your H.R.A = Basic X 15%.

The H.R.A may differ according to your job location. If you are working in a metropolitan city, your H.R.A may be different from the calculation furnished above. Then the Primary Teacher Salary in West Bengal will be different. In that case your salary, if you are a primary teacher, may be some different from the teacher working in other location.

This occurs due to the rent of house. We all know that the rent of a room or house in metropolitan city is higher than that of a small city of village. Therefore, thinking the cost of living in a metropolitan city, the H.R.A is higher than the first one.

Medical Allowance:

Medical allowance which we shortly called M.A is given to all the West Bengal Govt employee to look after the health. It is almost same to all the employee working under Govt of West bengal.

The M.A is Rs. 300.00 which you should include in your salary. The M.A is given to all the employee every month like the other allowance. There is other option for securing your health. The “Sastha Sathi Prakalpa” is also available for all the employee in West Bengal Govt as far as I know. If you want to opt for this scheme, you must consult with your concerned higher official about the scheme.

In that case you may not be given the Medical Allowance of Rs. 300.00 per month.  Though, I am not quite sure about it.

Gross Salary of West Bengal Primary Teacher:

The gross salary of a West Bengal Primary Teacher is the total of Basic, D.A, H.R.A & M.A. The P. Tax will be deducted from the Gross Salary and also the P.F (Provident Fund). Though you will return the P.F in future or as soon as you require it. Keep in mind all the amount you deposited in your P.F account will not be returned if you are retiring from the job. There are some rules you have to follow. You can also take a loan from your P.F account (Refundable & Non-Refundable). But in the case of Non-Refundable loan, your service must be at least 10 years old.

But you will not refund the P.Tax in any way. It is the professional tax which every professional person must pay to the Govt.

Sometimes the employee will have to pay Income Tax if he/her salary come into the income tax slab. This happens due to the increment of salary.


Increment is given every year to all the West Bengal Govt Employee in the month of July. The primary teacher also gets such increment. The increment of west bengal primary teacher salary is 3% of the Basic Pay.If you want to calculate the the Basic Pay after the increment, you must follow the Govt Rules.

The Basic Pay after increment will be multiple of 10. For example, an employee’s Basic Pay is Rs. 9200.00. His/her Basic Pay will be (9200.00+9200.00X3/100)=Rs.9476.00 after the increment. The multiple of ten will be Rs. 9480.00. This will be his/her actual Basic Pay.

The increment of salary also depends on the D.A. As the Govt increases the employee’s D.A at regular intervals.

So, after getting a West Bengal Jobs, Central Govt Jobs etc. the salary will increase in a regular basis. The West Bengal Primary Teacher is not exceptional one. The salary of West Bengal Primary Teacher also increase.

Interim Relief:

Sometimes the Govt also gives Interim Relief observing the market value of essential necessity. Though it is rare in case. But the if Interim Relief is given, the salary also increases.If you are an employee, you must aware of it.

I am writing this post to let those people know who has curiosity about the West Bengal primary teacher salary. If something found wrong, it must be treated as a mistake. This website or the author is not responsible for it. This is just for informational purpose only. If you want to know more about the west Bengal primary teacher salary, you may contact the concerned S.I, A.I or D.I office. There you will get the exact details.

Something About West Bengal Primary Teacher:

As we know the teacher is the “Back Bone of Our Society”, West Bengal Primary Teacher is also the same. Thy play a major role in our society. They teach our child and also teach them how to live a decent life in this world. We can’t ignore their effort for educating our child.

We can’t repay their effort by giving money or salary. We must be thankful to them. I salute to them for their patience while they are teaching a child.

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