Details of SSC CGL Exam Pattern (UPDATED)

SSC CGL Exam Pattern: Are you a job seeker and want to appear in the SSC CGL Exam? If “Yes”, you must read this article first. This post will provide you with the details of SSC CGL Exam Pattern which is very important for every candidate. Therefore, if you are a candidate, you must read it from the beginning to the end.

SSC CGL Exam Pattern

Let’s have a deep look into the SSC CGL Exam Pattern.

SSC CGL Exam Pattern Step by Step guide

SSC CGL Exam Pattern consists of Four Stages. The stages are as follows-

  1. Tier-I
  2. Tier-II
  3. Tier-III
  4. Tier-IV

These are the four stages a candidate will have to undergo to get a renowned job basically under Central Govt of India. The Combined Graduate Level Exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission which you already know as I think.

Every stage has its own syllabus and pattern. You must download the SSC CGL Syllabus in PDF to know everything about the Syllabus. One by one I am describing the SSC CGL Exam Pattern. I request you to read the post minutely if you want to make yourself prepared for the SSC CGL Exam.

Tier-I SSC CGL Exam Pattern

Tier-I is the first stage through which every applicant will have to undergo. This is an MCQ Type or Objective Multiple Choice type Exam. It is conducted Online. The question pattern for the Tier-I SSC CGL Exam is given below.

  1. General Intelligence & Reasoning– Basically the questions come from the given below topics.
  • Analogy.
  • Coding-Decoding.
  • Paper Folding Method.
  • Direction and Distance.
  • Word Formation.
  • Classification.
  • Matrix.
  • Series.
  • Verbal reasoning.
  • Venn Diagram.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • Blood Relations.

If you are a candidate and want to crack the SSC CGL Exam, you must focus on the topics described above. The Tier-I Exam is very hard to crack. But not impossible. Only practice will do everything. So, don’t be frustrated. Just practice.

  1. General Awareness– The questions come from the following topics.
  • General Knowledge (History of India, Literature, Music, Painting etc.)
  • Science (Physical Science, Life Science, Invention etc.)
  • Current Affairs (Election, New Bill, News for Indian Economy etc.)
  • Sports (World Cup Cricket, Olympic, Badminton and many more)
  • Books & Authors (New Book Publication, Books and Writer, Books that Contain some famous quotes etc.)
  • Important Schemes of Indian and other State Govt.
  • Portfolios of some reputable Persons of India and World.
  • People who came in the News for some special activities.
  1. Quantitative Aptitude– It is one of the difficult section to crack the SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. It includes the following types of questions.
  • Simplification of Problems.
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Average of Speed, Time etc.
  • Percentage of marks, interest etc.
  • Ratio & Proportion of various property
  • Algebra from Basic to Advance.
  • Trigonometry like measuring a distance etc.
  • Some Geometrical Problems.
  1. English Comprehension– It is a tough task faced by every Indian Student or Examinee. I observed that we all (almost all the Indian) are weak in English. This is due to the ignorance of learning English in School Level. But the students of English Medium School get some advantages in this section as it is their first language. This portion includes the following question types.
  • English Reading Comprehension.
  • Fill in the Blanks with appropriate word or preposition.
  • Solving Spelling Mistakes.
  • Idioms & Phrases.
  • One word Substitution.
  • Sentence rectification or Correction.
  • Error Spotting.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms.

These are the basic structure of the SSC CGL Exam Pattern (Tier-I). To know more about it, you must study the Previous Years Question papers. The Study of Previous years question will give you enough idea to crack the ensuing SSC CGL Exam.

Time & Marks Allotted for Tier-I SSC CGL Exam Pattern

The Time Allotted for the Tier-I Exam is only 60 Minutes (One Hour) and you have to solve 100 questions. Therefore, you only get 36 Seconds to solve each question. Here is the Marks Distribution structure for each category.

  1. General Intelligence & Reasoning– 25 Questions – 50 Marks.
  2. General Awareness- 25 Questions – 50 Marks.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude- 25 Questions – 50 Marks.
  4. English Comprehension- 25 Questions – 50 Marks.
  • Total Number of Question- 100.
  • Total Marks- 200.

Tier-II SSC CGL Exam Pattern

SSC CGL Tier-II Exam is also comprised of the MCQ or Multiple Type Question. It is conducted by the SSC through online mode. The Tier-II Exam includes the following question types. But keep in mind that the Tier-II Exam is divided into Papers which are Paper-I, Paper-II, Paper-III & Paper-IV.

Time allotted for each Paper: 120 Minutes (Two Hours).

Total Number of Questions for each Paper: 100.

Total Marks for Each Paper:200.

One by one I am furnishing the question types of the papers. So, I request you to read this section very carefully if you want to know all about the SSC CGL Exam Pattern.

Paper-I: (Qualitative Aptitude Test)- It is a test to know the ability of a candidate for solving the mathematical calculation. So, you have to grow your mathematical skill as much as possible to crack the SSC CGL Exam.

The question type may be like the following-

  • Age Solving.
  • Area of Land.
  • Average of Speed, Time, Marks, Age etc.
  • Height & Distance.
  • Profit & Loss.
  • Distance & Time.
  • Trains Speed Measurement.
  • Work and Time.

There are more problems comprises the Paper-I. You must solve those problems on a regular basis. These are the basic topics that may help you in the SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. Don’t take it as the complete list.

So, carefully answers the questions and gain a good mark from this paper. It is a good scoring paper if you solve most of the questions. Therefore, you must give some extra effort in this paper.

Paper-II: (English Language & Comprehension)- This paper tests the command of the applicant on the English Language. The papers include the following types of questions. But don’t take it as a complete list.

  • Nearest Meaning.
  • Antonyms.
  • Finding Grammatical Mistake.
  • Fill in the Blanks with appropriate preposition.
  • Phrasal Verb.
  • Idioms.
  • Strong Verb and Weak Verb.
  • Correction of Spelling.

This Paper is also a scoring paper. If you have sound knowledge in English, you can gain good marks in this paper. But most of the aspirants fail to achieve a good mark in this papers due to the fear of English Language. This is because most of the candidates come from the Local Language Medium School.

Paper-III: (Statistics)- Statics is nothing but the collecting of data and analyzing it on a large scale for some purposes. This is the basic concept of statistics. It is not a perfect definition of statistics. I just give you some ideas on statistics. If you want to know more about statistics, you will have to read a lot. The types of questions which are given below may come in this Paper.

  • Survey.
  • Probability.
  • Mean.
  • Median.
  • Mode.
  • IQR.
  • Voluntary Response Bias.
  • Random Sampling.
  • Undercoverage.
  • Nonresponse Bias.

The Paper-III is a high scoring Paper. The candidates of Mathematics will be able to achieve good marks in this paper. If you have some basic knowledge in Mathematics, you can win the race by practicing some problems regularly. But don’t be disappointed thinking that you have not enough knowledge in Mathematics. It is completely wrong. By reading the SSC CGL Exam Pattern, you will get some idea which will help you prepare for the said paper.

Paper-IV: General Studies (Finance and Economics)-

  • Nature and Scope.
  • Limitations of Financial Accounting.
  • Basic Concepts of Accounting.
  • Conventions.
  • General Accounting Principles.

Some recommended Books for SSC CGL Tier-i & II Exam-

  • KIRAN’S SSC CGL TIER I & II 2017 TO 2018 SOLVED PAPERS ENGLISH By Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan & KICX.

Tier-III SSC CGL Exam Pattern

SSC CGL Tier-III is a traditional type Examination i.e Pen & Papers Mode Examination. The Tier-III Exam comprises of descriptive type questions. The paper may be either in English or Hindi.

Allotted Time- 60 Minutes (One Hour)

Total Marks- 100.

The Tier-III Exam includes the following segment-

  1. Essay Writing.
  2. Letter Writing.
  3. Application Writing.
  4. Precis Writing.

The Tier-III Exam is conducted to know the command over the language of the candidate. If you are a candidate, you must practice hard to crack the Tier-III Exam as it is not a scoring part. Besides that, the examination is either in English or in Hindi so for those applicants, who don’t have English or Hindi as their first language in the HS Exam or Madhyamik Exam, will have to face a little bit of problem.

But keep in mind if you somehow crack the Tier-III Exam, there is a huge chance of getting the job for which you have applied.

More About SSC CGL Exam:

Some recommended Books for SSC CGL Tier-III Exam-

  • SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Exam Practice Work Book English by Kiran Prakashan.
  • SSC CGL (Tier -III) Practice Work Book  Exam by Kiran Prakashan (For Hindi Medium).

Tier-IV SSC CGL Exam Pattern

If you have cleared all the Tier described above, you will have to go for the final Tier i.e Tier-IV. If you clear the Tier-IV, you will get the job. So, be careful if you clear the Tier-I, II & III and are going to appear in the Tier-IV. This is the final stage of the SSC CGL Exam Pattern.

The Tier-IV includes the following-

  • Data Entry Skill Test (DEST).
  • Computer Proficiency Test (CPT).

Allotted Time- 15 Minutes.

The DEST test requires 8000 key depressions per hour. The CPT test requires good and sound computer knowledge which is the must-necessary skill. So, while preparing for the SSC CGL Exam, you should give some time on the computer. It will help you in the Tier-IV Exam of SSC CGL.

SSC CGL Exam Pattern

How SSC Cgl Exam Pattern Can Ease Your Pain?

This is a very interesting and burning question for every SSC CGL Examinee. To crack all the Tier of SSC CGL Exam everyone is trying hard and giving their best. But the answer to the above question remains untold.

The question pattern of SSC CGL Exam will relief you by providing some ideas of the Examination. You may study according to the Question Pattern of the SSC CGL Exam.

The candidates of almost all the Govt Jobs Examination face a lot of problems finding the proper Exam Pattern. In that case, they don’t take proper preparation. This SSC CGL Exam Pattern will relief you from such a situation.

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